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I Ketut Jirnaya was born on April 8, 1959. Elementary school education (1965-1971) in the village of Les Buleleng. SMPN (1972-1974) in Tejakula Buleleng. TGA Saraswati (1975-1977) in Denpasar. In 1978-1983, he graduated from the Department of Old Javanese Language and Literature at the Faculty of Letters, Udayana University. In 1984 he was appointed as a resident in the department. In 1989-1992 completed his Masters education with the main field of Philology Studies at the Padjadjaran University Bandung Postgraduate Program. In 2007-20012 completed his doctoral education at the Udayana University Postgraduate Program in the field of Literary Discourse.

 1996-2000 he served as Secretary of the Regional Literature Departement, Faculty of Letters, Udayana University. From 2001-2005 he served as Chairman of the same Department. In 2018-now he has served as Coordinator of the Old Javanese Literature Study Program, with the rank and class of Head of Lector. IV / c in the position of Young Main Advisor.


Since being appointed as a permanent lecturer, he has often conducted research, community service, and attended seminars, both as a participant and as a speaker. His current activity is often as a speaker at regional, national, and international seminars. Scientific publications in national journals, accredited national, and international journals have been written and in chapter books. The self-written book was only published in 2020.