International Business Studies Networks (IBSN)

The IBSN is performed by the Faculty of Economics and Business. It has been conducted since 1999. It is the only official program of international business at Udayana University. Since 1999, thousands of International students have successfully completed their study at IBSN. Overseas universities, which have been involved in the recruitment, are 104 in total.

The lecture term for each period is 15 weeks, divided into 12 weeks effective course, 2 weeks break and 1-week final test. At the break period, even though students are free to do any activities, it is expected that they will do internship at any company they are interested in or do the activities which enable them to know better the business environment in Bali or Indonesia.

The subjects offered in this program is business management, marketing management, finance or investment, Indonesia and South East Asia economy, including subjects on Indonesian language and history. The IBSN Program is delivered in English. The lecture is conducted in various forms, such as in door lectures, excursions and case study project. The course leaders are professors, readers, or industry experts and guest lecturers.


The program has six compulsory modules and a case study project:

1.   Business Management

2.   South East Asia Economy

3.   Marketing Management

4.   Finance or Investment

5.   Bahasa Indonesia

6.   Indonesian history

Each module carries a certain number of credits and transferable to some host universities. Please contact us to find out whether your university has recognized our program. In addition, to class lectureships, there are many academic excursion to visit business, companies, or economic centers around Bali. After excursion, student is required to write report on how the company manages their business, marketing, finance and other aspects of running a successful business or trades.

International Architecture on Tropical Engineering

This program covers various aspect of architecture of the tropical with emphasized in the South East Asia architecture and its development. The program has four compulsory modules and can include additional subjects such as Indonesian language or other subjects based on student request.


The core modules are:

·         Tropical homes.

·         Interior architecture.

·         South East Asian vernacular architecture. Resort design and development.


The course duration is 15 weeks, divided into 12 weeks in class seminars and field excursions, two weeks break at mid semester, and one final week for exams. During the two weeks break, student is free to explore Bali or beyond in their own time or they can also take an internship in an architecture studio or a consulting firm of their own choice. All modules carries credits, transferable to our university partners. You may contact International Office for the status of your university.

Udayana International Study Programs on Personal Trainer and Physiotherapy

This program is an international short course program for international students who wish to do a semester abroad at Udayana University, especially in the field of personal trainer and physiotherapy. Commencing on autumn 2016, the program offered a Physiotherapy and Personal Trainer (PT) subject, which accommodate the classroom teaching and practical activity. For more information, please refers to our website :

GoBali Study Program

GoBali Study Program is a short course programs at Udayana University, established in 2012 under the supervision of CIP.

The duration of the program is one (one) semester (16 weeks) consisting of 12 weeks lectures and 2 weeks exams (middle and final exams) and also a 2-week semester break. The students can obtain 35 ECTS credit points (maximum) when attending all of the seven possible courses. One subject for one session takes 150 minutes covering class meeting, presentation, writing assignment and a case study. The students are also electively offered Final Projects aiming at letting them apply the theories learned by designing a business plan in a group.

The GoBali Study Program targets all students who are interested in exploring and studying in Asia. Every enrolled students worldwide as well as graduated students at a university or college of higher education is able to apply for GoBali. It is an undergraduate program. However, Master students are also entitled to attend the courses if they comply with the studies at their home university. The program is offered specifically for the students of, for example, Economics, Business Administration and fields of study like leadership and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and also Tourism Management. Although, the program predominantly caters to students of economy-related fields, every student who is interested in the course would still be able to apply.

The program is held at The Udayana University, Jimbaran Campus, taught and supported by lecturers and academic staff of Udayana University.

For further information of the courses, university life, lecturers and staff, please kindly refer to GoBali website: and

Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA)

UDAYANA offers course on learning Indonesian language for foreign speakers. The program is known as BIPA, which stand for Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing. The course addresses various skills of Bahasa Indonesia language, such as speaking, listening, writing and including the history of the language. The program is offered as formal one semester course or can be taken as one-to-one tuition or private lesson. A formal class normally follows fixed timetable, while private tuition can be arranged to meet student needs. The program is run by the Faculty of Letter and delivered in English through classroom seminars and excursions. There are no specific requirements to join this program, but placement test will be carried out to suitably place the student at the correct level.


The program is run two times a year, each with four months duration. The timetable of the program is February to April, and September to December.


The program is organized as three level courses in which each level is taken as one full term study. The placement test will be held before semester started. An elementary level is for those who has minimum skills or has no previous experience on Bahasa Indonesia. An intermediate level is for those who already pose basic skills of Bahasa Indonesia and wish to be able to communicate in various typical situations using Bahasa Indonesia. An advanced level is the last level of the course and designed for those who wish to achieve high literacy skills in Bahasa and/or has a special interest in Indonesia for conducting research, business or living in Indonesia.


BIPA Program is located in Campus Udayana, Nias Street, in the center of Denpasar City.


DARMASISWA is a scholarship program offered to all foreign students from countries, which have diplomatic relationship with Indonesia to study Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia), art and culture in 54 universities in 2015. This program was established in 1974 as part of ASEAN initiative, admitting only students from ASEAN. However, in 1976 this program has been extended further to other countries. Until to date, the number of countries participating in this program is more than 111 countries and organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) the Republic of Indonesia.

The main purpose of DARMASISWA is to promote and increase the interest of the young in the language, art and culture of Indonesia among youth of other countries. It has also been designed to provide stronger cultural links and understanding between the participating countries.

Prospective students are required to register and submit all documents to Darmasiswa RI official website For students who are not in the student's home country is not allowed to be registered through the Indonesian Embassy/Consulate General in the participating countries (non-citizenship).

For further contact and correspondence, please address to BUREAU OF PLANNING AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION Ministry of Education and Culture the Republic of Indonesia email:,

Telp: (+62-21) 571 1144 ext: 2616/(+62-21) 572 4707. 

Internship Program

International internship IS available FOR student who wants TO study OR TO DO research ON SPECIFIC topic either WITHIN the university facilities OR outside the university, IN an industry OR government institution, such AS hospitals OR schools. Student needs TO enroll AS internship student AT UDAYANA although the actual place of the internship IS outside of the university. The university will nominate a supervisor TO supervise the student IN doing the study OR the research. AT the END of the internship, the university will issue certificate but SUBJECT TO recommendation FROM the supervisor.

TO JOIN this program, student needs TO fill IN application letter FOR internship which can be downloaded FROM Several supporting documents should also be submitted TO support the application. Student need TO pay tuition fee (registration fee) IN the RANGE of 300 up TO 1500 USD depending ON the requirement of the internship. Please kindly contact our Kantor Urusan Internasional (KUI) FOR more information, through email

Places FOR you TO DO the internship IS WITHIN the tourism industry AND its association, Bali Art Center, RSUP Sanglah public hospital, Bali Tourism Development Corporation IN Nusa Dua, the Government of Bali OR ANY LOCAL governments around Bali.

Exchange Program

Short-term program to study abroad while you are still enrolled at a university in your home country on the basis of inter-university exchange agreements. The objective is not necessarily to obtain a degree but rather acquire a foreign language, experience a foreign culture or study at a university, etc. in a foreign country or region. Receive education for a semester or several semesters within an academic year, acquiring credits.

Credit acquired at the university where the exchange student is studying is generally calculated into the credits earned at the university where the exchange student is originally enrolled. Depending on the number of credits earned, it becomes possible for the student to graduate from the university where he/she is originally enrolled when the standard number of years necessary for acquiring a degree is reached. Tuition is ordinarily paid to the university where the exchange student is originally enrolled. However, there is a need to confirm how tuition should be paid while abroad as an exchange student or how credits are handled as they may differ from university to university.

Therefore, the student must be well informed on the agreement between home university and host university  for each clause that will be applied, afterward the home university can be communicate for the exchange arrangements. Further information in regards to the requirements in Udayana University is generally same as admission form that has been described or can be find out on

Bali International Program in Asian Studies (BIPAS)

If you are interested in studying a subjects related to Asian studies, this program might be the one you are looking for. The program known as BIPAS that stands for Bali International Program on Asian Studies. The program managed by the Faculty of Arts in a one semester program. The program is ideal for anyone interested in combining academics with unforgettable experiences in an exotic environment. The program includes courses in business, economics, marketing, law, tourism, culture and languages and also workshops and excursions.

The program is aimed at increasing the students knowledge concerning Indonesia and Asia in an international and stimulating environment. In accordance with the lecturers’ diverse international backgrounds, the program challenges the students to a more universal, analytic and interdisciplinary way of thinking and learning.

The program consists of the following courses:

1.       Economy and Business of South East Asia

2.       Indonesian History, Ethnology, Culture and Customs

3.       International Tourism Management

4.       Business Law and Legal Tradition on Trade and Investment

5.       Indonesian Language

6.       Indonesian Literature

7.       International Entrepreneurship

8.       International Business

9.       Global Marketing

Master Courses

·         International Relations and Communication

·         International Accounting and Finance

·         Environmental Management and Sustainability

Students with a good command of Indonesian can enroll for an Advanced Indonesian CourseEnrollment takes place at the destination after a language proficiency test. 


Credits are granted in ECTS points and can easily be transferred into your degree. You can choose between 5 – 7 courses. Some of the courses are limited in space for enrollment. Students are accepted under the principle of the first come the first served. Depending on the course choices, all students who have applied during the latter half of the application period may not be accepted for all the courses they initially choosen.

The course ‘Indonesian Literature’ is mainly offered in the autumn semester if the student enrolled are at least 20 person.