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I Nyoman Suarka was born in Tabanan on Monday Wage wuku Madangsia, 12 February 1961. Professor of Udayana University in Old Javanese Literature. Actively implementing learning, not only at Udayana University, but also at the Denpasar Indonesia Institute of Arts Postgraduate Program, the Denpasar Dharma Negeri Institute of Hindu Postgraduate Program, Mpu Kuturan Singaraja State High School of Religion, Denpasar Indonesia Hindu University. Actively conducting research and publishing research results both in the form of national, international scientific journal articles, reference books, and national and international seminar papers. Actively carrying out community service as a resource, both local and national. He is active in organizations and has held several positions, both within the University of Udayana and outside the institution. Now he is the Coordinator of the Cultural Studies Master Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University.