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I WAYAN PASTIKA was born in Lembeng Village - Ketewel, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali on December 31, 1959. He attended elementary school in Ketewel 2 and completed it in 1972. Junior high school was completed in SMPN 2 Singapadu, Gianyar in 1975 before he entered the Teacher Education School at the Taman Pendidikan 45 Denpasar Foundation in 1975 - 1978 (with the State Examination). He attended his undergraduate education in Indonesian Linguistics at the Faculty of Arts, Udayana University in 1979 - 1984 with his thesis entitled "Position and Function of Indonesian Language in Chinese Communities in Denpasar City." Then, he did his Master Program on Linguistics at Hasanuddin University in 1988 - 1990 in the field of General Linguistics with his thesis of "Generative Phonology of Balinese." Thanks to his lectures who are mostly linguists from The Summer Institute of Linguistics at the university, their linguistic knowledge got better off. Later, he attended the Doctoral Program in general linguistics in the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, The Australian National University in Canberra Australia in 1994 - 2000 (two semesters of bridging program before being accepted as a doctoral candidate) with a Ph.D dissertation entitled ‘Voice Selection in Balinese Narrative Discourse.


Since 2007 he has been a professor on Indonesian language and general linguistics at Udayana University after teaching at the university for 22 years. The courses he teaches in the undergraduate level: (1) Indonesian Phonology, (2) Indonesian Language Syntax, (3) Indonesian Language, (4) Media Language; in postgraduate program: (1) Phonology, (2) Linguistic Theory, (3) Language Research Methods, and (4) Discourse Study. In addition to teaching activities, research activities that have been carried out include: (1) Forensic Lingustics in the Media Texts, (2) Construction of Apposition, Dislocation and Extraction of Border Between Texts of Indonesian Language Media, (3) Representation of Political Linguistic Devices in Indonesian Television Media, and(4) The Pattern of Mass Media Language Development in Efforts to Improve the Nation's Competitiveness. Meanwhile, he has wrote several textbooks: (1) Balinese phonology (developed from master's thesis, 2005), (2)Voice Selection in Balinese Narrative Discourse (developed from his dissertation, 2005), (3) Media Language Dynamics (editor and chapter writer, 2012), (4) Phonetics and Phonology (2020). As an academic he has also written a number of articles (both individually and with other authors) in several national and international scientific journals on linguistic topics; be a speaker in a variety of linguistic scientific meetings at national and international levels.

From 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019 he was given permission by the Chancellor of Udayana University to teach Indonesian language, linguistics, and Indonesian culture at the Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University, Japan. In addition to the various academic activities mentioned above, the author is also often asked by the Bali Regional Police as an Indonesian language expert witness to analyze various texts on civil and criminal cases.