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Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Suparwa, M.Hum. was born in Batanbuah, Tangguntiti Village, East Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency, Bali on March 10, 1962. Currently, he lives in Jalan Tukad Pakerisan Gang XX, Number 4 Panjer, Denpasar, Bali. His current contact number is 0817354717 and his email address is suparwa_nym@unud.ac.id. He completed his study in bachelor degree from Udayana University in 1984. Since he obtained the degree by scholarship, in 1985, he was appointed as a permanent lecturer in Indonesian Literature Study Program, Faculty of Letter, Udayana University. He continued his master degree at Hasanuddin University, Makassar, and graduated in 1993. Then, he completed his doctoral degree of Linguistics from Udayana University, and completed his study in 2007. In 2010, he was inaugurated as Professor of Linguistics in phonology and phonetics in Udayana University. Along his career, aside of being a lecturer in Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, he was also appointed as Vice Dean 1, Vice Dean of Academic, Planning, and Cooperation, Faculty of Arts, Udayana University (from 2015 to 2019). In 2019, he achieved the Satya badge upon his dedication of work for 30-years as State Civil Apparatus.

His current works in last 5 years, he has published (a) book entitled, "Selamat Datang: Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (2015)", "Pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA) Level II (2016)", "A Course in English Phonetics and Phonology for Indonesian Students (2017)", "Fonologi: Kajian Generatif Bunyi Leksikal dan Posleksikal Bahasa Melayu Bali (2019)"; (b) journal articles, such as "Adaptasi Kosakata Bahasa Bali dalam Bahasa Melayu Loloan Bali (2016), "Dynamics of The Sentences System in Balinese-Malay Language (2017)", "Translating English Medical terms into Indonesian A Study of Phonological Translation (2017)", "Kajian Ortografi dalam Upaya Peningkatan Budaya Literasi pada Bahasa Melayu Bali (2018)", "Phonological Errors on Impaired Language Modality Produced by Individuals with Broca's Aphasia (2019)",  "A Study of the Narrative Discourse in Balinese Malay Language to Increase the Culture of Literation (2019)"; and (c) research grants, such as: “Kajian RRG pada Dinamika Morfem-morfem Bahasa Melayu di Bali” (2016), “Kajian Ortografi dalam Upaya Peningkatan Budaya Literasi pada Bahasa Melayu Bali” (2017), “Kajian Wacana Naratif Bahasa Melayu Bali dalam Peningkatan Budaya Literasi” (2018), “Kajian Wacana Kegiatan Adat dan Budaya Berbahasa Melayu Bali” (2019).