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I am a Professor in Linguistics since 1 Nov 2006 having  supervised a number of undergraduate, magister as well Ph.D students. I entered the English Department, Faculty of Letters Udayana University in 1974, continued to take Magister program in Linguistics Department, Monash University Melbourne Australia (1985-1987). I  graduated from the Doctoral Program of  Linguistics  in Udayana University (2004)

    Once I occupied the English Department  Secretary, The vice Dean  responsible for  Administration and Finance, the chairman of  Doctoral Program of Linguistics, Udayana University, and my  curret position is the chairman of the Faculty Senate.

My research interests are Semantics and Psycholinguistics and I have published a number of various books dealing with Balinese Verbs, Semantics, Microlinguistics and Bahasa Indonesia for International students.