Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra
  • Fakultas Hukum


Ida Bagus Wyasa Putra is a Professor in International Economic Law. He completed his LL.B degree in Constitutional Law at Udayana University (1981/1986), Master of Law in International Law at Padjadjaran University (1992/1994), and PhD in International Tourism Law at Brawijaya University (2007/2010). He attended  international short courses in various field of science including law, economics and trade, and legal practices, such as: Cleaner Production and Eco-labeling in Global Trade conducted by Committee Pre-IEO United Nations General Assembly (1995); Industrial Property Rights Training Course for Management, Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII), Tokyo (2001); English for Academic Purposes, Economic Law Institutional and Professional Strengthening Projects (ELIPS, 2002); Design for Good Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility by Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (ICCD) and the World Bank (2002); and International Development Law, Master of Law Program on Globalization and Law, Maastricht University, the Netherlands (2009).

He developed his lawyering skills as soon as he took his position as a counterpart of Professor Willis Jourdin Jr, Director of Washington Negotiation Center (1988/1989) from whom he gained skill on negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. Then, in the mid of 1996 he met Graham Nicholson, Senior Crown Counsel Northern Territory Attorney-General's Department (1996/1997) who introduced him skill and practical legal research and analysis instead of he then was working as a practical lawyer (1994-2005). 

His extensive academic works, teaching and research, predominantly in the field of international law, international economic law, international trade law in particular the law of international tourism trade in services, international private law, international business law, international contract law, and legal drafting including legislative and contract drafting. He took his position as a visiting lecture in various overseas programs and universities, such as: delivered courses on Indonesian Trade and Investment Law, Master of Law Program University of Technology Sydney  (1996);  International Business Law, Summer of Law Program University of San Francisco (1997); and Principles of Business, Themes Singapore Education, Business School and Mandarin, Singapore (2002). Since 2014, he appointed as a Professorial Fellow at Asia Pacific College of Business & Law, Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory. Naming two of his prominent works on academic research: he won an international research funding contest conducted by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) focusing on Formulating Study Concerning Economy Related Laws for Investment Climate in Indonesia (2009); and research funding contest by The Indonesia Netherlands National Legal Reform Program (NLRP) with regard to Indonesian Investment Law  (2010). In December 2014, he has received a 2014 Winner of the Vice-Chancellor Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, Charles Darwin University, for his long strong commitment on the development of student learning in Charles Darwin University. 

Instead of his position as a full professor at Udayana University (since 1988), he also works as a legal advisor of the Province Government of Bali (since 1999), Head of Team for the Development of Indonesia Foreign Affair Society Directorate General of Social Politics Ministry of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Indonesia (2004), Head of Team Evaluator for Public Services Innovation Competition of the Ministry of Public Administration and Reformation of Bureaucracy of the Republic of Indonesia (since 2015), Senior Advisor of the Bali International Arbitration and Mediation Center - BIAMC (since 2016), senior researcher in Center for Regulatory Research - CRR Indonesia (since 2008), legal counselor for various domestic and international companies in Indonesia.