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Ni Ketut Supasti Dharmawan (“Supasti”) is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law Udayana University (FL Unud), Bali. She got her Bachelor of Law (S.H.) degree at FL Unud, Master of Law (M.Hum.) degree at Diponegoro University in Semarang, another Master of Law (LLM) degree at the Faculty of Law Maastricht University in the Netherlands (FL Maastricht University) and Doctoral of Law degree at Doctoral study of PDIH Diponegoro University Semarang.


Supasti is an expert at Business Law, Cyber ​​Law, and Intellectual Property Law. She actively teaches not only in Unud’s Bachelor Degree (S1) Program, but also in Unud’s Master of Law (S2) Program, Master of Notary (S2 Kenotariatan) Program, and Master in Tourism (S2 Pariwisata) Program. Besides to that, she also conducts research activities, community services, and scientific meetings, including participated in the Intellectual Property Rights Course at UTS Sydney Australia (2000) and Intellectual Property Rights Training at the Japan Patent Office in Tokyo Japan (2001). Furthermore, she actively participates in many local, national, and international scientific meetings as speakers, especially in the field of business law and intellectual property law.


1998-2002 she served as Associate Director of the Center for Commercial Law and Economics (CCLE) in cooperation between UNUD and the School of Law of San Francisco University-USA.

2004-2006 she served as Head of the SP4 FL Unud.

2008-2012 she served as Project Manager of the Cooperation between FL Unud and FL Maastricht University-the Netherlands.

2012-2016 she served as Head of the Master of Law (S2) Program at Unud.

2013-2017 she served as Coordinator of Clinical Legal Education (CCLE) in collaboration between FL Unud, Educating and Equipping Tomorrow's Justice Reformers (E2J) and The Asia Foundation-USAID.

2018-2020 she serves as Head of the Publication Unit of FL Unud that manages 8 journals:

(1) Kertha Patrika (Sinta 2);

(2) Journal of Udayana Masters of Law (Sinta 2);

(3) Udayana Journal of Law and Culture (Sinta 2);

(4) Acta Comitas (Sinta 4);

(5) Kertha Semaya (Sinta 6);

(6) Kertha Wicara;

(7) Kertha Negara; and

(8) Kertha Desa.