Ni Made Mitha Mahastuti
  • Fakultas Teknik


Ni Made Mitha Mahastuti is a Lecturer in Architecture Study Program at the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, born in Denpasar, Bali, July 6, 1985. He went from elementary to secondary education in Legian and Denpasar. The Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Education was completed in the Architecture Study Program of the Faculty of Engineering of Udayana University (2003-2007) and completed post graduate education in the Architecture Master Program of Udayana University in the field of Conservation Management expertise (2008-2011). Appointed as a Permanent Lecturer of the Udayana University BLU as of November 23, 2018. Until now he is active in teaching courses in Introduction to Architecture, Building Science and Utilities 1, Building Science and Utilities 2, Architecture Design Studio 1, Architecture Design Studio 2, Drawing Engineering, Material Technology , Indonesian Architecture, Basics of Urban Design, and Spatial Planning Principles. As academics has produced several scientific publications also involved in writing several architectural books. The fields of research of interest are Balinese Traditional Architecture, Culture, History, and Architectural Conservation. As practitioners more involved in community service activities in the village of his birth in Legian such as documenting the Pura and Bale Banjar as well as the design of shop houses and homes. In the organization involved as management of IATPI Bali (Indonesian-Bali Regional Sanitation and Environmental Engineering Specialist Association) period 2019-2023 in the field of business and partnerships. Daily activities are also filled with organization in the PKK (Family Welfare Empowerment) Village of Legian.