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Lecturer in Environmental Engineering Study Program, Udayana University. Born in Padang Sidempuan, North Sumatra, 1966. Basic education were completed in Padang Sidempuan (1972-1984), completed bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from ITB (1990). Work as Industrial Division Staff at PT Larona Engineering Consultant, Bandung (1990). She was graduated as PhD. at the University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom (1996) which funded by The Overseas Development Agency scholarship, The British Council. She went back to Indonesia in the same year and served as a researcher at IUC Biotechnology ITB until 2000 and as a lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Parahyangan Chatolic University, Bandung (1996-2000). Postdoctoral study titled processing of liquid waste containing phenol was carried out at the Gesellschaft fuer Biotechnologische Forschung, Braunschweig, Germany, 2000, which is funded by The DAAD). She attended workshops: Advance Fermentation Technology (UCL, London, 1995), Advance Biotechnology (Braunschweig, DAAD, 1998), Wastewater Treatment and Reuse (Delft, NFP, 2008), Organic Solid Waste Treatment (India, NFP, 2017). She teached Research Methods and Water Quality Control in the Master's Program in Civil Engineering, Basic Chemistry, Introduction to Environmental Science in Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Advanced Microbiology (Master Degree in Agricultural Biotechnology), Environmental Biotechnology (Master Degree in Public Health), Soil Microbiology (Master Degree in Biology). She was Head of the Civil Engineering Library (2002-2004). International Secretary of the Udayana University Office (2008-2011). Head of the Kamsud Asri Trash Bank, Udayana University (2015-present). She gained Outstanding Lecturer of Engineering Faculty Unud in 2012 and a favourite lecturer in Civil Engineering UNUD 2013, national facilitator for student-centred Learning (with predicate very competent, USAID, 2010). She was a trainer and facilitator in Workshop in Textbook Writing and Translation (Directorate of Higher Education, 1999-2005), editor of 16 textbooks and seminar proceedings and translated 4 books, Editor of the Bioscience Journal (1997-1998, 7 IUC on Biosciences), International Journal of Biosciences and Biotechnology (ISSN 2303337008, 2012-2014), JITS (ISSN 14111292, 2016-present), editor of Journal of Biology (ISSN 2599-2856, 2008), campaigner in household waste management in villages, schools, woman organizations, orphanage. Together with Team of Kamsud Asri Trash Bank, she won 3 provincial awards (2014-present).