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As Lecturer, Architect, Researcher, Author, Urban Planner, Interior Design, Landscaper, Designer, Yoga Teacher

Homebase Architecture Lecturer in the Doctoral Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, who was born on June 3, 1971 in Bangli Bali, has expertise as an architect, designer, urban planner, researcher, book writer, and also a yoga teacher. He completed his Bachelor of Architecture (S.T.) education in 1996 at Udayana University, obtained a Master of Art (M.A.) in 1999 at Erasmus University, Rotterdam in the Netherlands and a Philosophy of Doctor (Dr.) degree in 2014 at Curtin University, Perth Australia. Graduated with an Engineering Degree (Ir) in 2018 at Udayana University and also won a Main Professional Engineer (IPU) and Asean Engineer (ASEAN Eng) and had an Engineer Registration Certificate (STRI) in 2019. As a lecturer and researcher since 1997 at the University Udayana, has joined the Indonesian Lecturers Association (ADI), published 19 books in the fields of Balinese architecture, housing, art, design, history and culture and to date has 56 Intellectual Property Rights and is active as a reviewer and article writer in print media, proceeding seminars and international indexed journals. As Founder of Goldmonk Architect, Goldmonk Yoga and Hypnotheraphy, as Chairperson of PAPTI Bali and IATPI Bali (2019-2023), and is very active in training expertise at home/abroad and representing Udayana University became a guest speaker at the Building Expert Team and Spatial Expert Team at city ‚Äč/regency of Bali. As an architect and city planning, he has joined the association of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) and the Planning Expert Association of Indonesia (IAP), and has had 15 Certificate of Expertise (SKA) both Middle and Main namely Architect, Urban Planning, Interior Design, Illumination, Landscape Architecture and Construction Management, K3, Quality Management System, Greenship Building, Environmental Impact Analysis (CEIA) and have also been Certified Trainer (CT) as well as Certified Assessor (CA) at BNSP Indonesia. In the field of design work, since 1996, it has completed more than 60 study studies and design projects, with the last 4 designs being the Great Temple of Giri Natha 2017, Kids Timor Waterpark 2017 and East Timor Rise Building 2018, thus delivering the best architect at Asia Best Architects in 2018 by the Asia Global Council. As a designer, actively designing logos and posters, he won 3rd place in the National Disaster Management Agency Poster Contest in 2016, and 3rd Place in the World Future Urban Poster Competition in 2017. As a Yoga Teacher since 2003, he has had students all over the world and has won Two times the award as the Best Yoga Trainer in the category of Inspiring People for the World in 2015 and 2017. In 2018, was selected as Champion of Outstanding Lecturer at Udayana University.