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Lecturer in the Electrical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University, Denpasar-Bali. Born in Tabanan on December 18, 1966. Elementary-junior high school education was completed in Pupuan Tabanan, high school education at Swakastu Denpasar Senior High School. Completed his undergraduate education at the Electrical Engineering Institute of Technology Sepuluh November (ITS) Surabaya in the field of Electronic studies, graduated in 1990. Masters in Electrical Engineering in ITS Informatics with a scholarship from EEDP-ADB and graduated in 1998. Doctoral education was completed in ITS Electrical Engineering with the topic of Renewable Energy research with a BPPS - Dikti scholarship and graduated in 2015. During the doctoral program. Received a Sandwich-Dikti scholarship to Hiroshima University - Japan for 3 months in 2013.