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1.      Name                               : Prof. Ir. I Nyoman Arya Thanaya, ME, PhD.

2.      ID No / Card No.           :  NIP: 131 782 330 / Karpeg No: E 528891

3.      Grade / Level                 : Pembina Utama Madya / IVd

4.      Position                           : Professor, Starting from: 1 October 2013

5.      Organization Unit        : Civil Eng. Dept., Faculty of Eng., Udayana University, Denpasar,   Bali.

6.      Mobile Phone                : + 62  81 338 982 948

7.      Email                                : aryathanaya@unud.ac.id ; aryathanaya@ymail.com

8.      Education                       :

            1986                                       :   Bachelor of Eng., Civil Eng. Dept.,  Udayana University, Bali.     

1996                               :  Master of Engineering, The University of Auckland,  New Zealand.

                                       Specialization: Laboratory Evaluation of Pavement Materials.

 2003                              :  Ph.D , The University of Leeds, UK

                                                          Specialization: Cold Bituminous Emulsion Mixtures for Road Pavement.

9.      Occupation                    : Lecturer at  Civil Eng. Dept., Faculty of Eng., Udayana University, Denpasar,  Bali.

 0.     Teaching                                            10.     Teaching

          Subject                                                           Subject  Taught at Undergraduate Program:

-     English

-     Road Materials and Pavement

-     Road Pavement Materials Lab

-     Pavement Technology and Road Maintenance


Subject Taught at Master Program:

-    Material and Road Pavement


Subject Taught at Doctoral Program

-          Research Methods


 11.    Position                          :

2008-2011                      :  Head of Road Laboratory, Civil Eng Dept. Udayana University

2008                                 : Head of Intelectual Property Right Unit, Udayana University

2009-sekarang             :  Member of Intelectual Property Right Unit, Udayana University

2009-2011                      : Member of Bali Traditional Intellectual Property Right of Bali Province.

2011-2015                      :  Expert member of Bali Construction Development Council

 2011-2015                      : Head of Civil Eng Dept. Udayana University

2015-2017                      : Head of Road Laboratory, Civil Eng Dept. Udayana University

2015-2019                      :  Secretary General of Board of Indonesian Civil Eng. Higher Education Communication (BICEHEC/BMPTTSSI)

2018-2022                      :  Coordinator of Doctor of Eng. Study Program Udayana University       

12.  Achievements

1987             :  Graduated with Highest Grade Point Average (GPA – Indek Prestasi): 2.8,  on Graduation Ceremony of  Faculty of Engineering Udayana University Alumni, January 1987.

2004-2007    :   Following Post Doctoral Research Programme (as a Research Fellow) on BITUBLOCK Research, a novel construction unit composed entirely of recycled and waste aggregates, with bitumen as the binder, School of Civil Engineering, Leeds University, UK. Funded by: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), UK.

2009             :    Udayana University First Rank of Lecturer with Achievement,  2009.

2009             :    Listed as National Lecturer with Achievement, 2009.

2010             :    Received ' Rees Jeffreys' Award from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)-United Kingdom, on paper titled : A Laboratory Study on Cold Mix Cold Lay Emulsion Mixtures, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, UK, Volume 162, Transport, Issue TR1, Page 47-55, February 2009, ISSN 0965-092X. Thomas Telford Publisher-London.

2010             :   Invited Speaker for the 6th The International Student Conference Ibaraki University (ISCIU6), Mito City, Japan, 13-14 November 2010.

2011             :   Lecturer with achievement rank III, in line with the 46th anniversary celebration of Faculty of Engineering Udayana University.

2014             :   Receive National Certificate of Appreciation after 20 years in service ( "Satyalencana Karya Satya XX tahun"), from The President of Indonesia.

2014             :   Outstanding Paper with title Properties of Sand Sheet Asphalt Mixture Incorporating Waste Plastic, The 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Technology and Development (ICSTD), 30-31October 2014, Udayana University Bali-Indonesia

2015             :   Received Recognized Reviewer Awards, Construcrion and Building Materials Journal, Elsevier

2018              :    Obtained Personal Invitation dari Wirtgen Group Germany, for attending Road Technology Days 2018, at Ludswigshafen-Germany, 19-20th April 2018.

2018              :    Received Certificate of Reviewing, Construcrion and Building Materials Journal, Elsevier.

2019              :    Posessing Copy Right, on Book of Cold Asphalt Emulsion (CAEM) Technology.

2019              :    Posessing Copy Right, on Book of Manual  Procedure  of Testing for Stiffness, Creep, and Fatigue for Road Pavement Samples using ‘Controls’ Dynapave Universal  Testing  Machine (UTM) 30.

2020             :    Registering Simple Patent on

1.    Building Masonry Block Using Natural and Waste Aggregate Bind with Latex.

2.    Cold Asphalt Emulsion Mixture (CAEM) using Sea Water for Dampening Aggregates for Road Pavement and Maintenance. 

13.    International Journal Reviewer:

       1.  Construction and Building Materials Journal

An international journal dedicated to the investigation and innovative use of materials in construction and repair


Scimago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.522 Q1 ( Q1)


2.  International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology


Scimago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.522 Q2

3.                  3. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC)


Scimago Journal Rank (SJR): 1.522 Q2

4.     Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (SJST)



Schimago Quartile: Q3