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Putu Rumawan Salain, born in Denpasar, 25–12–52, completed studies in Department Architecture, Engineering Faculty, University  of Udayana in 1977 with a degree in BAE, Engineer (Ir) in 1980, a Master of Science degree (M.Si) Cultural Studies in 1998 and in the year 2011, complete the doctoral programme (Dr.) Cultural Studies. Teaching in the field of the Development of Architecture, Architectural Drawing, Cultural Studies, Communication Engineering, Conservation Architecture, and Design Architecture. As the KTA (Academic Expert Group) for public service, Chairman of KKN and subsequently appointed as Vice Rector for Student Affairs at Udayana University in 2002 until September 2006. Professor in the field of Architectural Conservation since 2014.

Since the students besides the following academic activities, as the Supersemar scholarship recipients, is also active in student organizations such as the Senate and the faculty at the University level when it's called Student Consultative Assembly. While the lecture also practise planning and oversight of several consultants until today. Various studies and project design and research of architecture, conservation, planning, environment, from the Government as well as private sector managerial culture, academic enrichment, and of course relationship. Two of them funding by World Bank, ie Cultural Heritage Concervation in 1999 and Strategic Structural Plan for Kuta in 2001.

Active in several professional organizations and hobbiest in Bali,Indonesia, and International namely: the Union of Engineers Indonesia (member), Association of Architect Landscapes Indonesia (The Organization), a National Association of Indonesian Consultant (former Vice Chairman), Indonesian Institue of Architects (Secretary of the Board of Architect Education), as a member of the World Organization of Shared Built Heritage–ICOMOS. As a members of Indonesian Heritage Trust. As Chairman of Bali Heritage Trust since 2003. In Indonesia Rheumatism Foundation Organization (former Secretary), Association of  Motor Indonesia (former Vice Chairman), Chairman of the Union of the Drum Band Indonesia–Bali, Advisor to the Chairman of the Bali Volkswagen Division, as a expert of Development Government Denpasar City since the year 2000 until today. Member of the expert team Bangli Government until recently. In the year 2000 and is now the Chairman Foundation of Karmany  SMANSA Denpasar, Vice Chairman of the Alumni Association SMANSA Denpasar, Vice Chairman of the IKAYANA (former), and is also believed to be the Chairman of the Board of Education of Denpasar city since 2002. Believed to be the team of experts had become a DPRD Province, Widya Kerti Foundation Board-Advisory, UNHI; KOPMA of Udayana University, and currently serves as a member of the Design Committee ITDC. These last few years was appointed as a member of the Board of the Council National of the Adipura in Ministry Environment-Jakarta.

Of the various activities of teaching and learning, research, service to the public as well as the professional organizations, as well as practitioners; actively follow various seminars, forum, symposium, and so on as a speaker or moderator at local, regional, national and international level. Some writings related to architecture, conservation, culture, and education has been published in several local and national media, and a small portion of them abroad as proceeding. Has published several books and some textbook published in Bali and Asia as editor. Occasional time involved at event invitations in various television stations in Bali with themes, architecture, planing, conservation, environmental, education. Spare time is filled with  hobby such as, automotive, photography, and music.




Putu Rumawan Salain,