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Born in Badung Regency on June 22, 1959. Primary school was held in Sibang Gede Badung Village, Blahkiuh Badung Middle School. DEnpasar State High School.

after SMEAN continued undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics, Udayana University in Denpasar in 1978. then graduated S1 in 1984. on his way to take part in testing to become educators and graduated in 1986.

married in 1987 with Ni Nyoman Suciati and blessed with 3 children and no. 2 deceased, son no. 1 named Putu Agus Eka Rismawan, and the no. 3 named NYoman Gede Trisna Anandita.

In 2001, he continued his graduate program at the Faculty of Economics, Udayana University, and graduated (LUU) in 2003 with a Masters in Management (MM).

has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Udayana University until now (2020).