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Dewa Ayu Anom Yuarini was born in Ubud Village, Gianyar-Bali, on December 26, 1984, as the third child of partner Dewa Nyoman Djuta with Desak Ketut Wati. In 2002, the author graduated from SMAN 1 Gianyar, and in the same year, was registered as an undergraduate student in Agroindustrial Technology, Udayana University and graduated in 2007. In 2008, the author was accepted as a lecturer in the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. And in the same year the author continued the master's graduate program in Faculty of Agriculture- Udayana University. In 2015, through the BPPDN scholarship, the writer continued his doctoral postgraduate education at the same study program at Udayana University. The research topic was taken as a dissertation entitled "Management of Waste Cooking Oil in Bali Province With a System Approach”