• Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian


Ni Nyoman Sulastri's research focus is Biosystems Engineering, which involves the control system in Agriculture, and the application of IoT in Agriculture especially for soil tillage, irrigation, and fertigation as well as the application of fire engineering in Agriculture (weed control and prescribed fire). 

She was awarded a Fulbright scholarship in 2014 to pursue her doctorate in the US and was served as a treasure of Fulbright students and scholar association Oklahoma branch in 2015.  While pursuing her doctorate degree, she also was actively engaged in diverse cultural and charity activities.  

She's been teaching several courses in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering such as  Irrigation and drainage Engineering, Greenhouses and Fertigation Engineering and Measurements and Instrumentation.

In her spare time, she likes trekking through rice paddy fields and taking a good shot of the sunset.