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Ni Made Wartini, born in Tamblang Village, Kubutambah District, Buleleng Regency, Bali on August 24, 1964, was the second child of Ms. Ni Wayan Siarning and Mr. I Nyoman Wara. He started his education in 1971 at SD N 2 Tamblang, continued to Bina Putra Tamblang Middle School and in 1983 graduated from Singaraja High School. Undergraduate study in the Department of Agricultural Product Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, UB Malang, master's degree in the Plantation Product Technology Masters Program, Postgraduate Program, UGM and doctoral degree in Agricultural Science Doctoral Program, Agricultural Product Technology Concentration, UB Malang. He has been a lecturer at Udayana University since 1989 and has served in the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. Starting in 2018, he will get an additional assignment as the Coordinator of the Master Program in Food Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Udayana University.