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Professor Wayan Windia

Head of Subak Research Centre,

Universitas Udayana,

Bali, Indonesia.




Shortbio :


Professor Wayan Windia is Head of the Subak Research Centre at Universitas Udayana in Bali, Indonesia. He obtained his PhD  in 2002 at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which his dissertation concerning subak system in Bali. He involved on preparations, in order to get UNESCO  acknowledgement, for subak system in Bali, on 2012. His articles has been published widely in journals and books, such as : Subak Irrigation System Transformation Based on Tri Hita Karana Concept; Subak : The World Cultural Heritage; Subak : Study from Social Perspective; and Subak as Agrotourism.


Over the last five years, he has been actively working on developing subak into agro-tourism sites, and introducing economical activities at subak organization. The goal of those activities is how  to help increasing the revenue of farmers as subak members. Now he actively supervise the site of subak that has been recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage. And also introducing  the values of subak to the students in Bali, and for other guests and foreigners who coming to Bali, especially to Udayana University.  


He is working also as an expert group coordinator at Gianyar Regency on Heritage City, as a member of expert group at Denpasar City on Subak Sustainability, and also as an expert team member at Bali Province, since this year (2018) . He has been involved in some national NGO in order to sustain of Bali culture.