G.K. Gandhiadi
  • gandhiadi@unud.ac.id
  • Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam


I was born a twin of two men in the village of Mendoyo Dangin Tukad, Jembrana on September 30, 1962. Since childhood I have always been together with my twin, elementary school in Gilimaknuk in 1970, SMPN1 in Negara and SMAN1 Tabanan. Once I graduated from high school I went to college with a twin in 1982, I studied at the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM in Yogya, while my twin sister attended IPB Bogor. Strangely we graduated within one month, I graduated in February 1987 while my twin sister graduated in March 1987. Starting in March 1988 we were both appointed as lecturers at FMIPA and FTP UNUD. I was born as the number two child, in terms of education the number "2" was so special, undergraduate study began in 1982 at UGM, S2 began in 1992 at ITB, and S3 started in 2012 at UNUD (supposedly starting in 2002, but delayed 10 years). Until now I am still a lecturer at FMIPA UNUD who is trying to follow in the footsteps of my twin sister who has reached the highest functional position of Professor at FTP UNUD.