Ketut Widya Purnawati
  • Fakultas Ilmu Budaya


Lecturer at Udayana University since 2001. Graduated from the Department of Japanese Literature at Padjadjaran University in 2000. Continuing his Masters and Doctorate Degree in the Udayana University Linguistics Program, graduated from Master's Program in 2009 and graduated from Doctoral Program in 2018. In 2005-2006 attended the Long-term Training for Japanese Language Teachers at the Japan Foundation, Saitama, Japan. In 2015 received a Research grant from the Hyogo Overseas Research Network to conduct joint research at Kobe Womens University.

The Chair of the Department of Japanese at Udayana University in 2010-2014. Currently, served as Head of the Information Management and served as the Cooperation Unit of the Faculty of Arts and the Quality Assurance Team of the Linguistic Doctoral Study Program, Faculty of Arts, Udayana University.