Interaction of voice alternation and metaphoric meaning of words from the usage-based, corpus linguistic and experimental perspectives

Funding period : 2019- Active


Collaborators: I Made Rajeg (Universitas Udayana) and I Wayan Arka (Australian National University & Universitas Udayana)


*UPDATE*: a paper from this project has just been accepted (6 May 2021) in Linguistics Vanguard (I M. Rajeg, G. P. W. Rajeg, & I W. Arka, to appear). In that paper, we used CAUSED FORWARD/BACKWARD MOTION verbs as a case study to further investigate the meaning-preserving hypothesis of voice alternation. We provide some convergent evidence from corpus data and sentence-production experimental data regarding the sensitivity of voice alternation towards certain senses of the verbs. The paper is based on the materials presented at the UCREL Corpus Research Seminar (see further below). Prior to this, our LFG 20 paper has also been published; download here. (list of my other research)

Using corpus-linguistic and experimental approaches, we aim to show that voice alternation is not always a meaning-preserving alternation of argument structures (Kroeger 2005: 271). However, the different syntactic voice of a given root word is associated with lexical constructional properties, such that a given voice form may have different predominant usage patterns than its presumed alternate form as observed in corpus data and sentence-elicitation experiment (see the recording of our talk at UCREL Corpus Research Seminar below). Our first, preliminary publication can be seen in G. P. W. Rajeg, I M. Rajeg, and Arka (2020a). Our follow-up on this publication is accepted for presentation at the 25th International Lexical-Functional Grammar Conference (see the talk below, and also our abstract under the title "Corpus-based approach meets LFG: Puzzling voice alternation in Indonesian").

LFG20 Presentation (pre-recorded talk on 13 June 2020)

LFG20 Slides (on figshare)

UCREL Corpus Research Seminar (26 November 2020)

UCREL slides


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