R.A. Tuty Kuswardhani
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Prof. Dr. dr. RA Tuty Kuswardhani, SpPD-KGer, MKes, M.H is a Profesor, Medical Doctor, MHA, PhD and Internist Getiatrician. She born in Surakata-Central Java, Indonesia, November 4, 1959. Completed his medical studies at Udayana University in 1988. A specialist degree in medicine was awarded in 1999 at Airlangga University. Subsequently completed his geriatric consultant education in 2004. Currently serving in the Geriatric Division, KSM Department of Internal Medicine FK Unud / Sanglah Hospital. She had been Director of Udayana University Hospital. She as well as become Head of  Getiatric Medicine Division, Department of Internal Medicine, Udayana University. She currently is a lecture staff in the Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University. Interested in geriatrics, aging, internal medicine and sarcopenia. Writing scientific articles published such as Law and medical ethics in geriatric patient current perspectives and literature review, Older Age and Worse Nutritional State Were Related With Impaired Inflammatory Response In Elderly Patients, Factors Related To The Severity Of Delirium In The Elderly Patients With Infection.